måndag 28 december 2015

Gym session

Today the ego body is a bit stiff. I made a small investment into my own health by going to the gym where I did a quite effective 48 min session in the gym, ending with a 1 min 5 second plank (quite a way to go to the 3 min target).

The picture above shows data captured via my Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR watch, As a comparison, the average heart rate was higher than in most tennis games I play and burning off over 500 kcal was of course good.

fredag 25 december 2015

Health and training targets

As a middle aged man (sad - how did is happen so quickly?!) with an office job I have gained some non-productive weight which I would like to get rid of for multiple reasons.

While I do spend quite some time working on my financial freedom, I would like to also feel physically and mentally well and based on past experience this has a lot to do with amount of sports done as well as amount of fat accumulated.

So, with this in mind and to keep thing simple I am putting down five targets in this area:

Area Starting point (2015-12-24) Target When
Weight 105.9 kg < 95 kg 2016-05-31 and 2016-12-31
Plank 1 min > 3 mins 2016-05-31
Run 10 km 63 mins < 50 mins 2016-12-24
5 km indoor rowing 19:59 mins < 19:00 mins 2016-06-31
Waist circumference 109 cm < 100 cm 2016-05-31

I think these are all related and provides a good balance between strength and general fitness. Key thing will be to control my appetite...

onsdag 23 december 2015

My investing principles - part 1

Hopefully my disciplined approach will make my
investments into a large forest over time.
In a future post I will go through the only proven method of successful investing over time, but in short:

1) Set an original assett allocation you believe you can stay with even if the share portion should go down significantly

2) Spread out your purchases (timewise as well as from investment vehicles point of view)

3) Keep costs low

4) Rebalance to original assett allocation level once per year

5) Stay the course

So, with this in mind I have one portfolio into which I save significant part of my monthly income evenly spread out on ten different funds:

Fund Expense ratio
0 kr
Spiltan Räntefond Sverige
785 kr
SPP Aktiefond USA
1 845 kr
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag
2 028 kr
Swedbank Robur Indexfond Asien
3 452 kr
SPP aktiefond global
2 695 kr
Nordea European Corporate bond
6 258 kr
Handelsbanken Råvarufond
6 647 kr
Carnegie Corporate bond
8 211 kr
Didner & Gerge Aktiefond Sverige
10 564 kr

*) Norman-fee is a forecast of the total cost for the fund if one saves 1000 SEK/month for 10 years. It is named after Peter Norman, formerly Financial Markets secretary in the Swedish government.

I have been doing this for almost three years now and while the growth has not been as high as the OMXS30 index, the volatility has been significatly lower and I am overall happy with having managed to keep the discipline to stay the course.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR

I recently purchased a fantastic device to keep track of my personal training - the Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR.

I am still exporing the possibilities, but with this device I am able to keep very good track of calories consumed, intensity of training, recovery time, heart rate, how far I moved during the exercise etc.

On the Suunto movescount.com page I am able to keep track of my trainings over time and the Movescount app gives me an overview over amount of training over last 30 days. Here I try to keep the calories consumed over 10'000 during the last 30 days.

Based on not yet two weeks usage I can highly recommend purchasing this device as a motivational tool for the typical middle aged office worker who needs a "kick in the butt" in order to get moving.

For myself I have done a few training sessions just because I am able to track them properly using this watch. Any investment within reasonable economical limits which makes me move more is worth it, so I am very happy so far.

A fresh start for the Ego(n) - welcome!

In this blog I will be writing about what come to my mind, which in the beginning will focus on two ego things:

1) Investing for my financial future

2) Investing in my own body and physical wellbeing

Perhaps there will also be some entries around technical and political developments I either find interesting or upsetting.

I hope that some of the entries will inspire you to improve on your own ego.


tisdag 22 december 2015

Portföljerna fulla!

Jaha, så har jag hamnat i den angenäma situationen att alla portföljer är fulla - avsevärt tidigare än ursprungligen planerat. Jag känner mig ganska nöjd med detta och känner att jag har en god riskspridning.

Samtidigt har jag ett jobb och lönen från detta har jag inte för avsikt att spendera fullt ut, så vad göra nu? Satsa på nya/ytterligare aktier i aktieportföljen? Månadsspara i fondportföljen? Satsa på några vilda kort (vilket har kostat mig dyrt förr)?

Kanske är det nu läge att köpa in sig i t ex SSAB som verkligen inte rosats på marknaden den senaste tiden?

Det bästa är nog att sätta upp ett månadssparande i fondportföljen och ägna mer tid åt olika typer av nyttig fysisk aktivitet.

Jag ber att få återkomma till lösningen på detta trevliga problem.

Några tips?