fredag 25 december 2015

Health and training targets

As a middle aged man (sad - how did is happen so quickly?!) with an office job I have gained some non-productive weight which I would like to get rid of for multiple reasons.

While I do spend quite some time working on my financial freedom, I would like to also feel physically and mentally well and based on past experience this has a lot to do with amount of sports done as well as amount of fat accumulated.

So, with this in mind and to keep thing simple I am putting down five targets in this area:

Area Starting point (2015-12-24) Target When
Weight 105.9 kg < 95 kg 2016-05-31 and 2016-12-31
Plank 1 min > 3 mins 2016-05-31
Run 10 km 63 mins < 50 mins 2016-12-24
5 km indoor rowing 19:59 mins < 19:00 mins 2016-06-31
Waist circumference 109 cm < 100 cm 2016-05-31

I think these are all related and provides a good balance between strength and general fitness. Key thing will be to control my appetite...

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