onsdag 23 december 2015

My investing principles - part 1

Hopefully my disciplined approach will make my
investments into a large forest over time.
In a future post I will go through the only proven method of successful investing over time, but in short:

1) Set an original assett allocation you believe you can stay with even if the share portion should go down significantly

2) Spread out your purchases (timewise as well as from investment vehicles point of view)

3) Keep costs low

4) Rebalance to original assett allocation level once per year

5) Stay the course

So, with this in mind I have one portfolio into which I save significant part of my monthly income evenly spread out on ten different funds:

Fund Expense ratio
0 kr
Spiltan Räntefond Sverige
785 kr
SPP Aktiefond USA
1 845 kr
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag
2 028 kr
Swedbank Robur Indexfond Asien
3 452 kr
SPP aktiefond global
2 695 kr
Nordea European Corporate bond
6 258 kr
Handelsbanken Råvarufond
6 647 kr
Carnegie Corporate bond
8 211 kr
Didner & Gerge Aktiefond Sverige
10 564 kr

*) Norman-fee is a forecast of the total cost for the fund if one saves 1000 SEK/month for 10 years. It is named after Peter Norman, formerly Financial Markets secretary in the Swedish government.

I have been doing this for almost three years now and while the growth has not been as high as the OMXS30 index, the volatility has been significatly lower and I am overall happy with having managed to keep the discipline to stay the course.

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